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What to do if a fault occurs in the brush operation of the DC motor

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    What to do if a fault occurs in the brush operation of the DC motor

    In order to ensure the normal operation of the motor, it is very important for the DC motor factory to choose the correct brush type, because the raw materials and skills used in making brushes are different, and their skills and functions are also different. Therefore, when choosing a brush, we should probably think about the function of the brush and the demand for the brush by the motor. The symbol of the outstanding function of the brush is probably: a. It can quickly form a uniform, moderate and stable oxide film on the surface of the commutator or the collector ring. The brushes have a long service life and do not wear away the commutator or slip ring. The brushes have excellent commutation and current collecting functions, making the sparks within the agreed range and low energy loss. d When the brush is running, it is not too hot, the noise is small, the installation is firm, and it is not damaged.

    2. The brushes of the DC motor factory are installed in the brush holder to ensure that they can move up and down freely. The gap between the brush and the inner wall of the brush holder is between 0.1-0.3 mm to prevent the gap between the brush and the brush holder from being too large. swing. The distance between the lower margin of the brush grip and the appearance of the commutator is about 2 mm. If the interval is too small, the commutator will be damaged by the brush grip. If the interval is too large, the brush will easily tremble and cause damage.

    3. On the same motor, the same type of brushes is probably used in principle, but for large and medium-sized motors that are particularly difficult to commutate, twin brushes can be selected. The sliding function is good when sliding in and the stop is selected A brush with a strong sparking ability, thereby improving the operation of the brush.

    4. The brushes must be replaced with new ones to a certain extent. The brushes should be replaced all at once. If the old and new are used together, the current distribution may be uneven. Regarding large units, the replacement of the brushes during shutdown will inevitably affect the production, and can be selected without stopping. We generally advocate that the customer's approach is to replace 20% of the brushes each time (that is, 20% of each brush rod of each motor). The interval is 1-2 weeks. After the break-in, other brushes will be gradually replaced to ensure the normal continuous operation of the unit.


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