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What types of DC geared motors can be divided into according to use? What special use

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    What types of DC geared motors can be divided into according to use? What special use

    A DC geared motor is a rotating electrical machine that converts DC energy into mechanical energy (DC motor) or converts mechanical energy into DC energy (DC generator).

    They can be divided into motors and generators according to their uses, but there are also other special-purpose motors, such as torque motors used as actuators in general control systems and general transmission power.

    A ring-shaped permanent magnet is fixed inside the DC motor. The current generates Loren magnetic force through the coil on the rotor. When the coil on the rotor is parallel to the magnetic field, the direction of the magnetic field will continue to change. The conversion pieces are in alternating contact, so that the direction of the current on the coil also changes, and the direction of the generated Loren magnetic force does not change.

    Therefore, the geared motor can keep rotating in one direction. With the wide application of thyristor rectifier power and the improvement of benefits, DC generators are no longer used in many fields, but the scope of application of DC motors is further expanded. In some fields (such as the vacuum smelting industry and the case where there is no AC power grid and DC power is needed), DC generators still have a certain status.

    Structure of DC motor: main magnetic pole, commutating pole, frame, brush device, rotor, armature core, armature winding, commutator, shaft, DC motor excitation method: DC motor excitation method, parallel excitation DC Motor, series excitation DC motor, compound excitation DC motor.


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