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How to calculate the power consumption of DC motors and how to control the speed?

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    How to calculate the power consumption of DC motors and how to control the speed?

    Knowledge of physics can always be used in our lives. Believe it or not, just in terms of circuits and machinery, many friends always sigh, why did not study physics well at the beginning, but now it is not too late, I want to know 24 volts How to calculate the power of DC motor, and want to know how to better the speed of Diabolo, then look down.

    The calculation formula of the electric quantity: W = Q = PT = UIT, also need to know a quantity, current or known power.

    The speed detection is very important, it is a necessary condition to improve the stability of the speed, but the cost is not the main factor. If the speed control is relatively stable, if the accuracy is required, the reliability is high, and the price is cheap, it is recommended to use a Hall-type pulse speed sensor. The cost of this control system is mainly on the drive. Adopting PWM control method, if it is done in batches, it is better to design the closed-loop interface of the speed to directly receive the signal of the Hall element, which has a lower cost, so that the speed control is more stable.

    Therefore, in life, it is still very helpful for us to have some knowledge of physics. How do you slowly discover the beauty of physics? Therefore, our knowledge and experience are important to us. How important life is.


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