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What should I do if there is noise in a permanent magnet DC motor?

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    What should I do if there is noise in a permanent magnet DC motor ?

    Permanent magnet DC motors that have been used for a long time sometimes have noise, which seriously affects the normal use of the motor. How should we avoid this? Let me introduce you briefly!

    1. Improper operation during installation will damage the transmission parts, resulting in inaccurate or unstable movement of the system; high-speed moving parts will cause oil film vibration due to damage; artificially causing the moving parts to be unbalanced, etc. will generate vibration and noise, we are installing Attention should be paid to avoid the above situation as far as possible, and damaged parts that cannot be repaired should be replaced to ensure the system to obtain a stable noise level.

    2. During the installation process, try to avoid resonance between the fuselage and the base support and connection parts, and use high-toughness base materials to reduce the occurrence of noise and vibration.

    3. Starting from the design structure, try to ensure the stability of the connection of various institutions, and use a variety of connection methods to reduce the occurrence of noise.

    4. Improve the installation process of the permanent magnet DC motor, increase the tooling, and ensure the overall quality of the assembly staff. This can effectively avoid noise during the operation of the motor.

    The above are several methods to avoid the noise of permanent magnet DC motors. Everyone understands the above content, and this situation can be easily resolved in the future. We will briefly introduce this knowledge.


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