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What are the oil change steps for DC geared motors?

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    What are the oil change steps for DC geared motors ?

    1. After the DC geared motor is stopped, when checking the oil level, you need to cut off the power to prevent electric shock, then wait for the motor to cool down, then remove the oil level plug to check whether the oil is full;

    2. Install oil level screw plug;

    3. When changing the oil, because the viscosity of the oil increases after cooling, it is difficult to drain the oil, so we should change the oil at the operating temperature;

    4. Put an oil pan under the oil drain plug, and open the oil level plug, ventilator and oil drain plug;

    5. Eliminate all oil;

    6. Install the oil drain plug and inject new oil of the same brand. Note that the amount of oil should be consistent with the installation position;

    7. Check the oil level and tighten the oil level plug and ventilator.


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