Reference factors for selection of DC brushless motor

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    DC brushless motors have the advantages of traditional DC motors, while eliminating the carbon brush and slip ring structure. It is not only related to performance indicators, noise and vibration, reliability, and service life, so it has a wide range of applications. With so many manufacturers now, what factors should we pay attention to when buying products?

    1. Maximum torque: It can be obtained by adding load torque, moment of inertia and friction. In addition, there are some additional factors that affect the maximum torque such as the resistance of air gap air.

    2. Square mode torque: It can be approximated as the continuous output torque required for practical applications, which is determined by many factors: maximum torque, load torque, moment of inertia, acceleration, deceleration and running time.

    3. Rotational speed: This is the rotational speed with application requirements. The rotational speed of the motor can be determined according to the trapezoidal curve of the rotational speed of the motor. Generally, a margin of 10% must be left for calculation.

    The DC brushless motor should check the temperature, sound, vibration and other conditions of each part of the motor in detail in the daily routine, and test the voltage, current, speed, etc., if possible, do an inspection test before disassembly. To ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

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