What are the reasons for DC gear motor bearings being too tight?

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    The operator is afraid of the bearing room of the waste end cover of the vehicle. When the DC geared motor is repaired, the tolerance of the outer ring of the bearing and the end cover must be appropriate. The lower limit of the tolerance range is used for the emphasis. The vehicle is not willing to reach the upper limit, which makes the diameter of the bearing chamber smaller and increases the interference with the outer ring of the bearing. In addition, the maximum interference amount for the repairman to reduce the fit tolerance properly The understanding of the benefits of reducing the noise of DC motor bearings is insufficient. For example, when the bearing is removed, it is found that the outer ring of the bearing cooperates with the end cover very well. It is mistaken for the bearing to be too loose, so the copper pads, punch holes, or even replace the end cover. Or replace the bearing and increase the diameter of the outer ring to solve this problem. The most common method is to expand the end cap bearing chamber and then insert the sleeve to make the bearing fit tightly with the end cap bearing chamber. As a result, the bearing noise of the DC motor is increased after repair. , Bearing heating and other bad phenomena. Due to the over-tightening, the bearing heats up, causing the grease to be squeezed out. The bearing track (bearing working surface) is locally free of lubricating oil, and the bearing fails due to overheating.

    The reason that the DC geared motor bearings are too tight is caused by improper operation of the operator. If you understand this knowledge, you can use it in the actual operation in the future to improve your own operation. Techniques, try to avoid problems in this area, and affect the normal use of equipment.

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