Turbine wear of DC geared motor

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    The turbine is worn in normal use, but this wear is very slow. You must know that the DC motor turbine can generally be used for more than 10 years, but once a serious failure causes damage to the turbine, sometimes it will The turbine of the DC motor will be scrapped directly.

    When the DC geared motor is running normally, the worm is like a hardened "file", which constantly files the worm gear, causing the worm gear to wear. Generally speaking, this kind of wear is very slow, the average worm gear can be used for more than 10 years. If the wear speed is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the worm gear is selected correctly, whether it is overloaded, the material of the worm gear, the quality of the assembly, or the use environment.

    The reason for the wear of the worm gear of the equipment is that the gear did not soak the gear during the installation, and the lubrication was insufficient. All such problems should be avoided during installation. Otherwise, when the DC motor stops running, the lubricant between the motor and the motor will be lost, the gears will not get the proper lubrication protection, and the worm gears and gears will not be effectively lubricated when they run again Causes mechanical wear and tear or even damage.

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