What are the factors that affect the life of the geared motor?

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    的使用寿命也越发看重,下面由淄博泽美电机有限公司介绍下影响直流减速电机寿命是主要因素有那些? Now the quality requirements are increasing day by day, and the service life of DC geared motors is becoming more and more important. What are the main factors affecting the life of DC geared motors introduced by Zibo Zemei Motor Co., Ltd.?
    1. Frequently start the geared motor.
    2. The direction is reversed instantaneously.
    3. Impact loading.
    4, long-term continuous operation.
    5, forced rotation output shaft.
    6. Exceeding the allowable load of the outstanding suspension and exceeding the allowable thrust load.
    7, pulse, braking, reverse current, PWM braking and so on.
    8. Use a voltage outside the standard rated specifications.
    9, beyond the use temperature range, relative humidity range, or suitable for special environments.
    10. For other uses and environmental use, we can inform us of specific use conditions, and we will choose the appropriate motor for you based on your use conditions.

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