Classification of DC geared motor

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    I. Classification of DC Geared Motors

    1.High-power gear DC geared motor

    2.Coaxial Helical Gear DC Geared Motor

    3. Parallel shaft helical gear DC reduction motor

    4. Spiral bevel gear DC geared motor

    5. YCJ series gear DC reduction motor

    DC geared motors are widely used in metal gearing, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other general machinery and equipment.

    Second, the main components of DC geared motor

    1. DC reducer motor reducer part

    According to the type of DC geared motor, there will be a large gap, mainly gears, bearings, worm gears, worms and so on.

    2.Motor part of DC geared motor

    DC geared motor stator: 1, main magnetic pole, 2, commutating pole, 3, base, 4, brush device

    DC geared motor rotor: 1, armature core, 2, armature winding, 3, commutator, 4, shaft

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