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What is the rated load of a DC motor? How to control?

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    What is the rated load of a DC motor ? How to control?

    DC motor is a very common object, and it is basically widely used in the machinery industry. As an electronic product, it has a certain load, specifically how much it is. If you want to know friends, you can look at the following article together.

    The rated load and rated state are the same as the mechanical load connected to the output shaft of the DC motor and the rated output power of the motor label. Greater than or less than is not rated. The rated state of the DC motor refers to the rated power, that is, the rated shaft output power of the DC motor. For example, if the rated shaft output power of a 22KW motor is 22KW, the motor will be burned if it is higher, and the efficiency of the motor will be reduced if it is lower. So it is very important to control the rated load of DC motor.

    Controlling the rated load of the DC motor can not only improve our work efficiency, but also improve our work quality, so we must accurately grasp the rated load of the DC motor.


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