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Daily maintenance of important parts of DC geared motor

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    Daily maintenance of important parts of DC geared motor

    In the daily maintenance of DC geared motors, you must choose a few important parts for maintenance. DC geared motors are mainly about the appearance and electrical cleaning. So how to maintain the main parts, let me give you Tell.

    1. Exterior maintenance: clean the outer surface of the lathe and the covers, and keep the inside and outside clean, without rust and oil. Clean the three bars. Check and make up all screws, handle balls, and handles. After cleaning and cleaning, all parts are lubricated as necessary.

    2. Maintenance of electrical appliances: Clean the dust on the motor and electrical box. The electrical installation is neatly fixed.

    This is the maintenance of the main parts described to everyone. Of course, in daily maintenance, it is not only necessary to maintain these points. It also needs to include maintenance of the tailstock gear box and other parts.


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