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What should I do if the DC geared motor has a broken shaft?

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    What should I do if the DC geared motor has a broken shaft?

    1.① Due to the low temperature or other reasons, the fluidity of the lubricating oil inside the reducer is deteriorated, and the instantaneous current of the motor rises, which causes the driver to be overloaded. It can be started several times.

    ② There is gear wear and iron cutting inside the reduction motor. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble and clean or replace the internal gear.

    2. The internal planet carrier is transposed, and the internal gear friction causes iron cutting. At this time, the reducer needs to be replaced.

    3. [DC geared motor] The output end bearing is dislocated, deformed or worn. At this time, it is necessary to replace the bearing with the disassembler and check the internal gear for wear and cracking.

    4. This situation is a common situation, mostly caused by too much lubricating oil, and this situation will not occur until the excess oil is consumed.

    5.①When the reducer is overloaded for a long time, the output shaft will be partially broken due to fatigue. Running according to the requirements specified by the manufacturer can minimize such accidents.

    ② The load on the output shaft is not uniform, the radial load exceeds the rated range, or it is working at the rated maximum force for a long time.


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