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3 braking methods of permanent magnet DC motor

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    3 braking methods of permanent magnet DC motor

    When users use permanent magnet DC motors, they often confuse the functions of electromagnetic braking, regenerative braking, and dynamic braking, and choose the wrong accessories, which will damage the DC motor. Next, I will introduce the DC motor in detail for everyone. Braking method:

    1. The dynamic brake is composed of dynamic braking resistors, which reduce the mechanical feed distance of the DC motor through energy-consuming braking during faults, emergency stops, and power failures. The dynamic brake does not require power and requires external relay control.

    2. Regenerative braking refers to that the DC motor feeds the braking energy back to the DC bus through the inverter circuit when decelerating or stopping, and is absorbed by the resistance-capacitance circuit. Regenerative braking only works when the servo is working normally. The DC motor cannot be braked under conditions such as failure, emergency stop, power failure, etc., and the work is performed automatically by the system.

    3. Electromagnetic braking is to lock the shaft of the DC motor through mechanical devices. Electromagnetic braking is generally started after SV, OFF, otherwise the amplifier may be overloaded. Dynamic brakes are generally started after SV, OFF or the main circuit is powered off, otherwise Causes the dynamic braking resistor to overheat.

    I will introduce you to the braking method of DC motors here. I believe that you have a certain understanding of the braking methods, which will be very helpful for us to use DC motors in the future.


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