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Application of DC motor technology on machine tools

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    Application of DC motor technology on machine tools

    DC motors are mature products abroad, and are still in the bud. Products using DC motors are currently not widely used in China, and the price is the biggest constraint. Secondly, certain system parameters are not open. The best way to reduce prices is to increase production; currently there are several companies in China that are committed to the production of DC motors, which will force foreign products to reduce prices and promote the consumer market.

    The research and production system of foreign products can be used for reference. For example, CyTec cooperates with Achen University to set up a special DC motor research organization to inject technology directly into the enterprise for production, and the company returns the profits to the research organization for further research. The reason why CyTec can compete with some large enterprises is mainly due to the technical background of Achen University.


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