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What skills are needed for DC geared motor commutation?

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    What skills are needed for DC geared motor commutation?

    If you want to use a product better, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of it. The same is true for DC geared motors. Next, I will introduce the commutation skills of DC geared motors. You can read it carefully. For understanding and using the product Will help.

    AC current is induced in the armature winding of the DC geared motor, and the current flowing into the external circuit is a DC current through the mechanical action of the point brush and the commutator. The so-called commutation is to use a mechanical aspect to force the current in a coil to change from one value to another within the pole break time. For DC geared motors, the forward and backward currents are equal and the directions are opposite.

    The commutation failure of a DC motor mainly means that the commutation spark under the brush exceeds the standard. The surface of the commutator normally running should be smooth and clean, and there should be a dark brown cuprous oxide protective layer, which can increase the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator, and reduce the short-circuit current under the brush. Protect the commutator from abrasion, which can improve the working conditions of the commutator and reduce sparks.

    If the following conditions occur in the surrounding environment, the commutation spark will be increased, which will increase the wear of the brushes and the commutator blades: there is not enough oxygen in the air to form a complete oxide film on the commutator surface; Low, it is not easy to form an oxide film on the surface of the commutator sheet; the air contains corrosive gases and dust. These corrosive gases and dust can destroy the formed oxide film, causing commutation difficulties and increased brush wear.

    The above is some knowledge about commutation skills of DC geared motors, you can refer to it. Today's content is introduced here, I hope to help you, if you want to learn more, you can continue to follow us.


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