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What are the casting methods for DC motors?

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    What are the casting methods for DC motors ?

    When DC motors are produced, they need to go through a variety of processes, including the casting of equipment, so this requires us to understand its casting method knowledge. The casting of this equipment can be divided into 2 types The method is as follows:

    1. Sand casting. The casting mold of this method is manufactured by using molding sand or core sand as a molding material. This method has low production cost and strong adaptability, so it is the most widely used and basic casting method for DC motors.

    2. Special casting. All casting methods except sand casting. These methods are different from sand casting in some aspects, so they have many advantages.

    Common special casting methods include metal mold casting, investment casting, pressure casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting. According to the role and performance of DC motors, sand casting is usually selected for casting.

    With regard to this knowledge of DC motors, after you have mastered it, you will have a great improvement in this area. The content is continuous, exciting, and more dynamic. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention!


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