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Key points about refueling DC geared motors

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    Key points about refueling DC geared motors

    There are a number of statements about the requirements of the geared motor. Here I will publish a detailed rule for everyone. You must know in detail how the geared motor should handle various situations:

    1. There must be no oil leakage on the stationary joint surface of the geared motor; oil traces are strictly prohibited around the upper filler port (including the upper end cover). After each refueling or maintenance, the joint surface should be sealed and cleaned before tightening the bolts;

    2. If the oil leakage is difficult to handle in the rotating part of the geared motor, the chartered person should clean up the leaked oil in time and keep it clean at all times; the oil quality of the geared motor should be clean and free of impurities, and the heavy oil leakage should be treated or replaced. , Do not add lithium base grease at will to increase the viscosity, so as not to affect the heat dissipation and lubrication of the reducer;

    3. The oil-related equipment used by each unit must clearly identify the person responsible for charter flights, and provide charter personnel with a sufficient number of cotton yarns in order to clean up oil traces in a timely manner; each refueling or replacement of new oil must establish a ledger and carefully record;

    4. The reducer of the belt conveyor and scraper conveyor should be kept clean in the connection barrel of the motor, and coal, dust, and oil accumulation are strictly prohibited; oil accumulation and oil traces on the reducer chassis of the column winch are strictly forbidden; The back-to-column winch of the transmission must be cleaned frequently in the final reduction mechanism and kept well lubricated;

    5. All kinds of reducers must be added in accordance with the appropriate amount of lubricant grease in accordance with the labeling requirements of the instructions. Ultra-high or low oil levels are strictly prohibited. The reducers that need to be installed and used with breathable caps must be equipped to prevent the reducer from overheating grease The internal pressure is too high and the seal is damaged.

    6. Unqualified oils are not allowed to be used. It is strictly forbidden to substitute water for oil.

    7. When the equipment is changed for oil, all the old oil should be discharged according to the prescribed measures, and the oil scale, impurities and other substances inside the equipment should be flushed, and then a sufficient amount of new oil should be added.

    8. When opening the cover for inspection, overhauling equipment, and replacing new oil, take measures to prevent coal blocks or impurities from falling into the machine body. The maintenance tools and oiling tools should be cleaned and the filter should be equipped with a filter.

    9. Establish oil depots according to regulations. Various brands of anti-wear hydraulic oil, gear oil, and emulsified oil in the oil depot should be stored separately, indicating the brand and use, to avoid mixing or misuse. Oil drums, refueling drums, and pumping units must be stored in a grease depot in a centralized manner. The surrounding area should be closed with a fence. The top must be covered with a dust cover or a barrel cover to prevent coal blocks or impurities from falling into the oil barrel. Refueling barrels and pumping units should be placed in the pumping unit bracket manufactured in a unified process. It is strictly forbidden to put the pumping unit in the oil barrel after pumping. Grease depots should be held accountable to people and listed for management. The empty oil barrels used by all units must be lifted in time.

    10. Used oil recovery. The recovered used oil is delivered to a mechanic workshop for centralized storage and disposal.

    11. Mechanical and electrical department is a functional department of oil management, responsible for on-site supervision and inspection and assessment.

    12. For other matters, strictly implement the relevant provisions of the "Grease Management System" and "Special Management Measures for Gearbox Lubrication" issued by the Mechanical and Electrical Department.


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