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What should I do if the DC geared motor starts too frequently?

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What should I do if the DC geared motor starts too frequently?

In recent years, the manufacture of DC geared motors has occupied an extremely important position in the machinery industry in China. As a power transmission equipment, a DC geared motor can adjust the speed of the motor to the required speed through gear speed conversion.

Therefore, the applications of DC geared motors include automotive parts, smart kitchens, household appliances, medical equipment, communication equipment, industrial equipment, instruments, aircraft models, robots, personal care, security cameras, digital electronics, etc., almost all machinery DC geared motors are required in the drive system. The starting frequency of the DC geared motor must not be too high. This is because the speed of the DC geared motor is zero when it is just started. During the starting process, in addition to overcoming the load resistance torque, the electromagnetic torque also overcomes the inertia masking of the rotating part. The load on the motor is heavier than continuous operation.

If the pulse frequency is too high when starting, the speed of the rotor cannot keep up with the speed of the stator magnetic field rotation, so that the position after the first step is far behind the equilibrium position, the rotor speed does not increase much in the subsequent steps, and the stator magnetic field is still Rotate forward at a speed that is proportional to the pulse frequency, so the distance between the rotor and the equilibrium position is getting larger and larger. Finally, the rotor cannot fall out or oscillate due to the rotor's position falling outside the dynamic stability zone, which prevents the motor from starting.

The starting frequencies of various DC geared motors are different. Engineers who specialize in micro-stepper motors and stepper motor drive industrial control product experts. Xin axis mechanical and electrical engineers suggest that the start frequency should be determined according to the motor's instructions. Many high-start frequency motors use dual The voltage operation is changed from high voltage to low voltage at the moment of starting, and the smaller the step is, the more suitable it is for high-frequency startup, and the larger the power, the more suitable for high-frequency operation.

In order to start normally, the starting frequency should not be too high, and the frequency will be gradually increased after the motor starts.


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