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What causes the DC geared motor to not charge?

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    What causes the DC geared motor to not charge?

    1. The wire joints are loose or fall off, the wire sheath is damaged, and the short circuit is caused by grounding.

    2. The fan pulley is too loose or slipping with oil.

    3. The commutator of the motor is worn, burnt or oily, the magnetic field coil is open or shorted, the armature coil is open or shorted, the rectifiers are shorted, and the insulated carbon brush holder is grounded.

    4. The regulator or throttle contacts of the DC geared motor are ablated or have dirt, the balance resistance is open, the throttle bridge line is burned, the spring tension of the throttle is weak, the air gap is too small, and the limiter voltage of the throttle Adjustment is too low, the closing voltage of the breaker is too high or the parallel coil is open.


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