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How to judge the quality of DC geared motor?

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    How to judge the quality of DC geared motor ?

    1. Connect the positive and negative poles, there will be a lot of resistance when twisted by hand, indicating that the line is normal. Otherwise there is a breakpoint inside;

    2. Rotate the motor by hand. If there is a significant resistance, it is clear that there is a short-circuit point inside the motor. (Smooth transition to normal);

    3. Investigate the reversal spark when the power is switched. The best spark without sparks is the best. The sparks with stars are outstanding.

    4. When the DC high-power motor runs until the temperature rise is stable, stop the winding to measure the resistance of the winding with a multimeter. Usually a few tenths to a few ohms;

    5. After running until the temperature rise is stable, the surface temperature of the motor should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds this value, it is clear that the temperature rise of the motor is not enough;

    6, add extra voltage, measure the speed, and the speed error should not exceed 10;

    7, plus 1.2 times the extra voltage, run for 2 minutes, investigate whether there is abnormal;

    8. DC high-power motors use a multimeter to measure the inter-chip voltage between commutators. If there is no same rule between inter-chip voltages between two chips, the windings are normal.


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