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How does the overload of DC geared motors occur?

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    How does the overload of DC geared motors occur?

    1. Improper selection of DC geared motor, the actual load working conditions do not match the form of the submersible pump selected; the head is too high or too low.

    2. The power supply voltage is too low. The DC geared motor runs under the condition of more than the rated voltage in the countryside. The current in the stator winding increases more, resulting in a higher temperature rise of the stator winding and overheating.

    3. The quality factor in the manufacturer or repair, the manufacturer and the quality cause in the repair cause the submersible pump to be overloaded.

    4. Mechanical failures, DC geared motor bearings are seriously damaged, friction between the stator and the rotor "sweep" or the pump impeller is caught by other debris such as water plants and other mechanical failures will cause the DC geared motor stator windings to burn out.


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