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What is the common sense of using DC geared motors?

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    What is the common sense of using DC geared motors ?

    DC geared motors are characterized by high efficiency and reliability, long working life, easy maintenance and wide application. Its number of stages can be divided into single-stage, two-stage and three-stage geared DC geared motors, and the main installation arrangements are expanded, coaxial and shunt.

    1. In the expansion type of the DC geared motor, the gear is asymmetric with respect to the support position. When the shaft is bent and twisted, the load is unevenly distributed in the tooth width. Therefore, the shaft should be designed with greater rigidity and the gear should be far away from the input end or Output.

    2. Characteristics of the shunt type of DC geared motor: The position of the extended shaft of the shunt DC geared motor can be extended from any side, which is convenient for the overall configuration of the machine. In order to offset the axial force, one of the shafts should be allowed to move slightly in the axial direction, so as not to jam the gear.

    3, the characteristics of DC gear motor: compact radial size, but larger axial size. Due to the large intermediate shaft, the shaft has greater disturbance under load, so the load concentration along the tooth width is more serious.


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