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How to choose a DC geared motor?

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    How to choose a DC geared motor ?

    First, determine the transmission scheme

    When the transmission ratio is below 8, a single-stage cylindrical gear reducer can be used. When it is greater than 8, it is better to use a two-stage (i = 8-40) and two or more (i> 40) reducers.

    Second, choose the motor

    If it is a DC geared motor, you need to calculate the rated power and speed of the motor to determine the motor model.

    Third, judge the speed of DC geared motor:

    The theoretical range of the first gear ratio, n motor = (6-20) * n output = (6-20) * 360r / min

    The theoretical range of the two-stage transmission ratio, n motor = (8-40) * n output = (8-40) * 360r / min The motor power and speed have been calculated. If you need to look at the torque, the torque can also be calculated T = 9550P / n or T = 973P / n, so you can choose the motor model.


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