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Disassembly method of DC motor

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    Disassembly method of DC motor

    1. First remove the external wiring of the DC motor and make a mark. For asynchronous motors, mark corresponding to the three-phase power line. For DC motors, make parallel windings and armature windings. Markings for external wiring. Then loosen the foot screws to separate the motor from the transmission machinery.

    2. Use the tools shown to remove the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the motor shafts of the pulleys to make it penetrate and lubricate for easy removal. Some shafts and wheels are tightly matched, and the wheels need to be quickly heated (while the shaft is covered with a wet cloth) to remove the wheels.

    3. For DC motors equipped with rolling bearings, remove the bearing outer cover first, then loosen the fastening screws of the end cover, and mark the joint between the end cover and the housing of the base (the The markings should not be the same), screw the removed fastening cap screws into the two screw holes specially provided on the motor end cap, and push the end cap out. For a motor without such a screw hole, the joint between the end cover and the base can be tapped with a hoe (also called a flat shovel) and a hammer to remove the end cover from the base. If the end cover is heavy, lift it with lifting equipment and gradually remove it.

    4. When disassembling a DC motor with a brush, remove the brush from the brush holder. For DC motors, mark the position of the neutral line of the brush.


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