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What are the causes of DC motor vibration?

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    What are the causes of DC motor vibration?

    First, whether the three-phase voltage is balanced, and the foundation bolts are tightened, the foundation is checked for looseness, and the power is tested.

    Second, release the load (belt, gear, etc.) and power test to determine if it is caused by an unbalanced load, and if so, adjust the load to the longitudinal direction parallel to the DC motor shaft.

    Third, the DC motor repairman checks the tightness of the screw cover, which is tied diagonally with or without sliding or does not contain excessive screw holes. Scan it freely to check the phenomenon of the hole. If it blows up the chamber, recap and adjust the concentricity. If you cannot adjust it to the required level, then check, replace or repair the rotor in good condition.

    Fourth, check and replace the end cap bearings. If the bearings are in good condition, the gap between the bearing and the cover of Tianjin Motor Maintenance Inspection is normal. If the gap is too large, it cannot be repaired or replaced.

    Fifth, check the stator winding resistance and insulation and restore it.


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