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How to regulate the speed of DC geared motor?

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    How to regulate the speed of DC geared motor ?

    1. Different DC geared motors have different speed control methods. The output control methods of the speed control circuit can be roughly divided into two categories: phase control and inverter control of DC geared motors, and the structure of single-phase and three-phase induction motors, including a stator, wherein the primary winding is wound and caged , Solid aluminum die-casting rotor.

    2. The rotor of the DC geared motor is cheap, because the structure is simple, and no magnet is used.

    3. When the speed of the DC geared motor is controlled, the speed measuring generator is used to detect the vehicle speed and connected to the DC geared motor.

    4. The speed measuring generator is a magnet that is directly connected to the motor shaft and the stator coil, used to detect the magnetic poles, and generate AC voltage at 12 cycles per revolution.

    5. As the voltage and frequency increase and the speed increases, the speed of the DC geared motor is controlled based on this signal.


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