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What is the reason for the failure of the DC geared motor?

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    What is the reason for the resistance of the DC geared motor ?

    1. Winding faults: windings have inter-turn short-circuit faults; there are two or more contacts between the windings and the casing, resulting in ground faults.

    2. In terms of winding connection: the group components are not connected correctly; the connection wire, lead length or cross-sectional area of the wheel reduction motor does not meet the requirements. Check the connection rules of the winding components, correct the connection rules, and correct the wrong connection components.

    3. In terms of wire breakage: the welding place of the connecting wire is broken; the wire is broken in the loop lead or the bend; the wire is broken around the wire or in the parallel branch. Check with the meter, gently shake the wire, the pointer of the meter will swing with it, it is not convenient to check the broken wire with a test lamp or an insulation resistance meter, and re-weld after checking and checking.

    4. In terms of electromagnetic wire specifications: the thickness of the magnetic wire is uneven, one section is qualified, and one section is unqualified.

    5. Rewinding coil technology: the size of the DC geared motor coils are inconsistent; the number of coil turns is not correct;


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