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Five steps for DC geared motor maintenance

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    Five steps for DC geared motor maintenance

    1. Look at:

    Check the size and change of the working current of the DC geared motor during daily inspections, and see if there is any leakage or dripping around, which will cause low breakdown of the motor insulation and burn out. It also depends on whether there are any objects around the motor that affect its ventilation and heat dissipation environment. Check whether the fan end cover, fan blades and the exterior of the motor are too dirty and need to be cleaned. To ensure its cooling effect, no matter who finds the problem, it should be dealt with in time.

    3. Touch:

    Touch the temperature around the motor with the back of your hand. Generally, the temperature at both ends will be lower than the temperature of the middle winding section when the bearing is in a good condition. If the temperature at the bearing at both ends is high, you must check the measured bearing sound. If the overall temperature of the DC geared motor is too high, the load, equipment and ventilation of the motor must be checked in conjunction with the working current and handled accordingly.

    2. Listen:

    Listen carefully to see if the operating sound of the motor is abnormal. Because the equipment room is noisy, you can use auxiliary tools such as screwdrivers or listening rods to listen to the two ends of the motor. If you listen often, you will not only find the bad vibration of the motor and its dragging equipment, Even the amount of internal bearing oil can be judged, so that corresponding measures such as adding bearing oil or replacing with new bearing can be made in time to avoid DC geared motor bearings lacking oil and dry grinding, stalling, going out of the circle, and burning the chamber. Bad.

    4. Test:

    Offline: When the DC geared motor stops running, periodically measure its relative ground or phase-to-phase insulation resistance with an insulation meter and compare it with the test results of the previous month in order to find insulation defects in time. Improve the insulation, avoid burnout of the motor due to the breakdown of the winding due to the insulation being too low. Motors equipped with tide-drying electric heating do not turn off the heating switch at will unless special circumstances arise. In wet weather and winter, special attention should be paid to the waterproof, moisture-proof and drying of the motor. Pay special attention to the water-tightness of the motor in the open air and humid places. For motors suspected of being seriously wet or splashed with water, the motor should be carefully checked before use. If you find that the motor is immersed in water, just disassemble the motor and take out the rotor, and blow dry with compressed air, and then use the baking lamp to bake from the two ends inside the motor stator until the motor insulation rises to normal.

    5. Do:

    Not only should remedial measures be taken in time for problems found during inspection, but also the DC geared motors should be screwed, tightened, disassembled, inspected, cleaned and maintained according to the maintenance cycle. If all 4 fixing screws of the motor end cover are loosened, Causes burnout operation; motor wiring bolts are loose and virtual connection causes phase loss burnout; motor fan blades fall off against the body and cause blockage and burnout; motor bearings are poorly lubricated and run at high temperatures without timely replenishment or replacement of lubricants The bearing caused the motor to burn out; the insulation resistance of the motor fell due to wet weather; the insulation was not baked in time to increase the breakdown; the motor was burned in the process because it was not inspected and tightened in time; The maintenance and remedy, whether it is not done or not done, will eventually lead to failure or accident.


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