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Introduction to Closed-Loop Control of DC Geared Motor

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    Introduction to Closed-Loop Control of DC Geared Motor

    We can control the speed of the motor by measuring the current speed of the DC geared motor in a closed loop. We calculate the error between the expected speed and the actual speed and then use the PID algorithm to adjust the PWM duty cycle to control the speed of the motor.


    For low cost, low speed applications, Hall sensors can be used to obtain speed feedback. A timer of the PIC18FXX31 microcontroller itself is used to measure the output signals of the two Hall elements, and then the actual speed is obtained based on this signal.

    In high-speed applications, we can install a photoelectric encoder on the DC geared motor, and use its output signal with a difference of 90 ° to measure the speed and steering. Generally, a photoelectric encoder can also output a PPR signal, making it possible to perform more accurate rotor positioning. The encoder's coding scale can be hundreds or even thousands. The more the coding scale, the higher the accuracy.

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