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How to solve the problem of air extraction during the operation of DC motors?

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    How to solve the problem of air extraction in the DC motor during work?

    1. For higher DC motors, the air cannot be exhausted directly. For example, the direct exhaust air will cause the pressure difference between the intake and exhaust ports of the DC motor to be too large, which will overload it. It is necessary to ensure that a high vacuum can be reached Open ground between DC motor rotors.


    2. It is necessary to set a foreline pump when using it. A DC motor that is initiated when the pressure in the system is drawn to a certain range by the foreline pump can avoid overload of the DC motor. The foreline pump can be a water ring vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pumps, slide valve vacuum pumps, reciprocating vacuum pumps and other vacuum pumps that can directly discharge the atmosphere.

    3. Because its rotor keeps turning, the sucked gas is sucked into the space between the rotor and the pump casing from the air inlet, and then discharged through the exhaust port. Because the space is completely closed after the suction, The gas in the pump cavity does not shrink and swell, but when the top of the rotor is turned over the edge of the exhaust port, and the space is in communication with the exhaust side, because the gas pressure on the exhaust side is high, a part of the gas is flushed back into the space, so that The gas pressure suddenly increased. As the rotor continues to change, the gas exits the pump.

    After understanding the pumping phenomenon of DC motors, I believe that it will provide greater help for everyone in the future use. I will introduce this to you for the above knowledge.

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