How to combat online counterfeit products

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    "是中国驰名商标,中国名牌产品,从未授权其它单位使用。 Recently, our company has received multiple customer complaint calls, all about the purchase of counterfeit "Zemei" reducers on the Internet. To this end, our company specifically states that " Zemei " is a well-known trademark in China and a Chinese brand-name product. No other organization is authorized to use it.

    "商标及官方网址,发现假冒及时拨打我公司打假热线。 Here, we remind customers to check the " Zemei " trademark and official website when purchasing products, and call our company's anti-counterfeiting hotline in case of counterfeiting.

    1. Name recognition: On major search engines, enter " Zibo Zemei Electric " and try not to use the short name;

    2. Official website logo: find the link of the "official website" logo in the search results page. Only the real official website has this logo, others are fake;

    3. Domain name identification method: The only domain name of our company is " Zibo Zemei Electric "An international domain name derived from Chinese pinyin, that is, Any other domain names refer to our website.

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