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Why do DC motors need water? What is the amount of hydration?

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    Why do DC motors need water? What is the amount of water? Next, Zibo Zemei Electric will introduce it to everyone:

    (1) The loss of the supplementary liquid ring with the gas flowing out of the exhaust hole.

    (2) Seal the end surface gap between the motor body and the impeller.

    (3) The heat of compression generated by the compressed gas is discharged.

    (4) Cooling and lubricating packing, packing gland and other parts.

    If the DC motor is supplemented with a large amount of water, the excessive amount of water occupies a part of the gas space (it can also be considered that the thickness of the water ring increases), which reduces the gas volume and exhaust pressure. Too much water will also increase power consumption, reduce efficiency, and generate noise and vibration. Makes the operation of the DC motor very unstable, and periodically, a large amount of water is ejected from the exhaust hole in a pulsating manner.

    If the DC motor is supplied with less water and water, the compression heat in the DC motor cannot be exhausted sufficiently, causing the temperature of the water ring and the upper gas to rise, and the gas volume and vacuum to be reduced. If the amount of water is too small, the loss of the water ring cannot be replenished, which not only further reduces performance, but also stops working because the water ring cannot form. From the above, we have concluded that, in order to improve the working efficiency of DC motors, it is necessary to replenish water appropriately, not too much or too little.

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