What results have been achieved by doing a lot of work on DC motors?

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    1) Improve the design and manufacture of DC motors . The use of electronic computers and numerical analysis technology to analyze magnetic fields, commutation, mechanical stress, vibration and ventilation and cooling; combined with the use of new structures, new processes, new materials. Substantially improve the electromagnetic parameters, especially the armature line load; increase the rated voltage level of the motor; increase the rotor core length, increase the ratio of the rotor core length and diameter, and give priority to the best design; use F, H class insulation and advanced insulation Structure, vacuum pressure immersion immersion (VPI) process to provide motor insulation performance and component thermal conductivity and integrity; promote tungsten inert gas shielded welding (TIG) and intermediate frequency welding to improve the reliability of electrical contact ... ... thereby improving the commutation performance of the motor, reducing the size, reducing the quality, increasing the ultimate capacity, and adapting to the higher requirements for motor dynamics and operational reliability.

    2) Use new materials and develop new structures. Actively promote new rare earth permanent magnet materials to small and medium-sized motors; vigorously develop new structures: if a polygonal stator yoke is used, the stator yoke and the main and commutating pole cores are laminated structures (small motors even have the stator yoke and the main commutating pole cores To make a whole) to improve the utilization of the internal space of the stator and meet the requirements for rapid changes in the armature current; the feet of small and medium-sized motors are set on the front and rear end covers, and the foot support surface is increased to help reduce the motor Vibration; Improve the bearing structure, correspondingly increase the diameter of the bearing and the motor shaft extension to increase the output torque; The rotor is tied with a high-strength weft-free band, and wedges are not used as much as possible. Some large motors use armature coils with variable cross-sections. In order to reduce the armature slot height, improve commutation and heating parameters; adopt a special commutator structure to increase the operating speed and reduce the amount of copper; develop various cooling methods, and also set radial ventilation on the core of the small motor rotor Trench to improve heat dissipation conditions ... to maximize the use of requirements and improve the overall rationality of the project.

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