What does a DC motor consist of?

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    Structure of DC motor

    A DC motor consists of a stator and a rotor, with a certain air gap between them. The main feature of its construction is that it has an armature with a commutator. The stator of a DC motor is composed of a base, a main magnetic pole, a commutating magnetic pole, a front end cover and a brush holder. The main magnetic pole is the main component that generates the air-gap magnetic field of a DC motor, and is composed of a permanent magnet or a laminated core with a DC excitation winding.

    The rotor of a DC motor is composed of an armature, a commutator (also called a commutator), and a shaft. The armature consists of armature core and armature winding. The armature core is formed by stacking silicon steel sheets, coggings are evenly distributed at the outer circle, and the armature windings are embedded in these slots. A commutator is a mechanical rectifier component. After the commutating sheet is stacked into a cylindrical shape, it is formed into a whole by metal clips or plastics. The commutator segments are insulated from each other. The quality of the commutator has a great influence on the operational reliability.

    In short, the DC motor is a kind of self-controlled variable frequency permanent magnet synchronous motor. As far as its basic composition is concerned, it can be considered as a "motor system" composed of three parts: the motor body, the rotor position sensor and the electronic switch circuit.

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