Difference between stepper motor and DC motor

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    只要加上合适的电压就会转,而且转得圈数难以精确控制;而步进电机则按照节拍工作,可以旋转极小的角度(比如0.1度) Stepping motors and DC motors are completely different types of motors in motor science. DC motors can rotate as long as a suitable voltage is applied, and the number of turns is difficult to accurately control. Stepping motors work in accordance with the beat and can rotate. Very small angle (e.g. 0.1 degree)

    There are differences between the two control methods. The control of stepper motors is similar to digital circuits and requires a beat. (Similar to the digital tube display, the microcontroller outputs certain values in a loop in parallel and is driven at a certain beat.) Common small stepper motors can be used. It is driven by ULN2003, and the working current of DC motors is much larger. Generally, small DC motors are driven by special driving chips such as L298N. When controlling, generally use single-chip microcomputer to output PWM wave control.

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