Factors affecting the sealing effect of DC motors

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    Factors affecting the sealing effect of DC motors

    在日常生活中应用比较广泛,直流电动机在使用中有什么好处呢?下面就让我为大家介绍一下直流电动机的相关知识,希望大家在日常使用中有所参考。 DC motors are widely used in daily life. What are the benefits of using DC motors? Let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of DC motors. I hope that you will have a reference in daily use. As the name implies, DC motors use DC power.

    The stator of a DC motor is a fixed magnetic field. The direct current generates a changing magnetic field around the rotor through the brushes of the rotor, which rotates within the stator. In industrial enterprises, because DC power is relatively reliable, DC motors are generally used for backup machinery or security machinery that require reliable operation; and because DC motors can also change their speed as the input voltage changes, they need to be adjusted frequently Many DC motors are used, such as milling machines, planers, electric cars, subway trains and so on. Exciters for synchronous DC motors in power plants, chargers for storage batteries, etc., are DC DC motors; the prime mover of the boiler powder feeder is a DC motor.

    In addition, in many industrial sectors, such as large-scale steel rolling equipment, large precision machine tools, mine hoists, city trams, cable equipment where strict line speed is required, etc., DC motors are also used as prime movers to drag work machinery. In more large mechanical equipment operations, DC motors are widely used. The DC motor is usually used as a DC power source to output power to the load; the DC motor is used as a prime mover to drive various production machinery to output mechanical energy to the load. There are other uses for DC motors in control systems, such as speed measuring motors.

    The shaft end dynamic seal structure of the DC motor can ensure that the low-speed DC motor is suitable to work under high-speed conditions. But it will also encounter obstacles to make it run smoothly at high speed. In order to ensure the smooth operation of DC motors, mastering the hindered factors of DC motors is the focus we must master in our work. To this end, we made the following summary.

    1. The width and depth or diameter of the oil return tank should be moderate to facilitate the smooth return of lubricating oil. Without affecting the strength of the reducer casing, the flow cross section of the oil return tank can be appropriately larger;

    2. When the DC motor adopts a screw seal, the rotation direction of the screw should be adapted to the rotation of the gear shaft of the reducer. When the reducer is applied to two-way transmission, the use of a spiral seal structure should be avoided, and a labyrinth seal structure can be used instead;

    3. The sealing effect of the moving seal of each part of the DC motor should be improved to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricant;

    4. It is advisable to control each gap value of the sealed channel at 0.20-0.30mm.

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