There is a magnetic field inside the fixed part of the DC speed regulating motor

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    Speed regulator is the leading regulator of DC speed motor. Steady state can reduce the speed error. If the regulator is used, it can achieve no static difference and play an anti-interference effect on the load change. Its output limit value determines Permissible current of the motor

    There is a magnetic field in the fixed part of the DC speed-regulating motor . This magnetic field can be a magnet or an existing coil wound on the core of a magnetic pole. When a magnetic field is generated by direct current, the motor has several magnetic poles and several excitation coils. These coils Form a field winding

    The winding on the rotor of the DC motor is not composed of one coil, and is also formed by connecting multiple coils to reduce the electromagnetic torque fluctuation of the motor. The winding form is the same as that of the generator.

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