How to correctly operate DC geared motors

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    DC geared motor is a common accessory used in our machinery and equipment, it is related to the operation of our equipment. If you want to reduce the speed of the operation, how can we do it? Xiaobian has a variety of methods to help everyone To achieve this.

    1. The speed of the DC geared motor can be limited by adjusting the output voltage, but it has some impact on the output torque. It is recommended to experiment first or calculate in detail according to the motor parameters. Of course, you can also choose the inverter (DC-DC) to achieve DC frequency conversion.

    2. If it is another form of DC motor, such as servo or stepping, it is recommended to add a driver and controller on the basis of the motor. This is a manufacturer's accessory and basically can meet the requirements (speed, accuracy, torque, temperature rise, Fault alarm, etc.).

    There are still many methods, depending on how we choose how to use it. For equipment such as DC motors, the premise of our choice cannot be separated from its actual situation, and corresponding improvements should be made according to the actual regulations and requirements of the motor.

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