How should the DC geared motor be dried after getting wet?

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    1. Before operating the AC welding machine drying method, first connect the terminals of the damping motor windings in series and ground the casing, so that the three sets of windings can be heated and dried. In order to monitor the current changes during the drying process, it can be connected in series. Only the ammeter, observe whether its current reaches the rated current of the geared motor. Drying a DC geared motor with an AC welding machine does not require disassembly and inspection, which reduces the workload. At the same time, the geared motor uses its own resistance to generate heat when it is energized, so that the coil is evenly heated and the drying effect is better.

    2. The DC deceleration motor electric welding machine's drying method is similar to the AC operation. The string ammeter should be a DC ammeter. Using a DC electric welding machine to dry the damp geared motor is easy to operate and can dry large and medium-sized geared motors and high-voltage geared motors for a long time. In this way, when the electric welding machine works for a long time or a large current, its internal components will not be damaged due to the long time and high current work, so it can be used for a long time for large and medium-sized geared motors. It is worth noting that when using these two methods, all contacts must be in good contact and fastened. The lead wires of the welding machine must use special wires. The cross-section size should meet the current carrying capacity of the welding machine.

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