How to stabilize the voltage of DC geared motor

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    1. A suitable resistive load is connected in parallel at both ends of the resistance of the DC geared motor . The resistance value of the resistive load after heating becomes a non-linear resistance characteristic, so that the field resistance line and the initial section of the excitation characteristic have a large intersection angle. Obtain a clear intersection point with the no-load characteristic curve, so that the DC geared motor will also have a stable operating point at lower voltages.

    2. Put a benign magnetically conductive material under the pole pole shoes to reduce the excitation magnetic field gap, which can saturate the output characteristics when the excitation current is small, so that its output voltage can reach stability.

    3. The automatic excitation adjustment device of the generator is used, because it has good excitation characteristics, and has a variety of adjustment methods such as constant reactive power and constant power factor, which are very effective in improving the stability and transient response of the system.

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