What are the precautions before starting the DC geared motor

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    DC geared motor is a relatively common miniature geared motor. If we use it improperly, some faults will occur and affect our work. So what are the precautions before starting the DC geared motor? Let's take a look

    1. You should first observe whether there are foreign objects around the equipment, and the operation should be quick and decisive.

    2. Wiring: The power plant generally adopts parallel-excited DC geared motors. Its armature terminals are H1 and H2 and its parallel winding terminals are B1 and B2. Its wiring method is H1 connected to B1 and then connected to the positive pole of the DC power supply. H2 is connected in parallel with B2 and then connected to the negative pole of the DC power supply.

    3. Reduce starting current: Except that DC gear motors smaller than 4KW can be started directly, the starting current of all equipment should be reduced to less than twice the rated current of the motor. To reduce the starting current, generally when the motor starts, in the armature circuit, a starting resistor is connected in series to limit the starting current, or when the motor starts, reducing the starting voltage of the motor to limit the starting current. Because the starting resistor is connected in series in the armature circuit, the equipment is simple, economical and reliable, so it is widely used.

    4. Coil problem of DC contactor: For DC contactor for operation, the contactor coil should be able to run for a long time. For the CZ0 series contactors, they all run for a short time. Therefore, when used as a long-term contactor, the coil cannot be burned. Therefore, after the startup, a resistance of about 150W and 1000Ω should be connected in series to the contactor. Prevent coil burnout accidents.

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