How to prevent brush sparks of DC geared motors

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    1. Install a commutating pole to offset it by the potential of the commutating pole.

    2. The brushes should be selected reasonably, and the contact resistance between the brushes and the surface of the commutator should be as large as possible, and the wear resistance of the brushes should be better. Therefore, in DC motors, electrochemical graphite brushes are generally used. If commutation of the motor is difficult, split-type brushes should be used.

    3. The pressure of the brush of the DC geared motor should be adjusted. If the pressure is too tight, the wear of the brush and the commutator will be aggravated. However, if the pressure is too loose, the contact between the brush and the commutator will be bad, which will cause some problems. In addition, the inner surface of the brush holder box should be smooth and free of burrs and other problems, and the inner hole roughness should be less than 2um.

    4. The material and model of the brushes must be selected correctly, and are generally determined according to the operating conditions of the generator. In addition, there are also parameters and other aspects that cannot be ignored.

    5, the number of positive and negative brushes should be equal, and during the installation, the brush distance between each brush should be equal, and the contact between the brush and the slip ring should be good.

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