What functions does a DC motor's Hall have?

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    1. DC motors are commutated by Hall. If one of the Halls is lost:

    (1) The vibration of the DC motor will occur even under no load.

    (2) The speed is faster, but unstable, which is mainly caused by the loss of the phase signal and the ripple becomes larger.

    (3) The output RMS torque value becomes smaller.

    (4) The motor shaft cannot start at a certain angle.

    2. Check with the Hall detector, directly plug the connector of the Hall to the Hall detector, and slowly rotate the motor by hand. The three indicators of the Hall detector will flash in sequence. If there is no flash, it is broken.

    3. It can also be tested with a multimeter. You must make sure that Hall has a + 5V signal input, and then measure the voltage of the three signal lines to the negative electrode. When measuring, slowly turn the motor by hand, the signal line voltage will be between 0V and + 5V. Jumping back and forth between them, the same is broken.

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