What are the reasons why the DC geared motor is not energized

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    The DC geared motor can run normally after being energized, but after a long time of use, the problem of non-energization sometimes occurs, affecting its normal use. Let ’s explain what causes the device to lose power.

    1. The wire connector is loose or detached, the wire sheath is damaged, and the ground is shorted, which causes a short circuit in the DC geared motor.

    2. The fan pulley is too loose or slipping with oil.

    3. The commutator of the DC geared motor is worn, burned or oily, the magnetic field coil is open or shorted, the armature coil is open or shorted, the rectifiers are shorted, and the insulated carbon brush holder is grounded.

    4. The regulator or throttle contacts are burnt out or there is dirt, the balance resistance is open, the throttle bridge line is burned, the spring tension of the throttle is weak, the air gap is too small, and the limit voltage of the throttle is adjusted too low The closing voltage of the breaker is too high or the parallel coil is open.