Method for preventing ring fire accident of DC motor

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    DC motor is widely used in steel industry and machinery industry. Its use is widely used in today's life. This is also due to its excellent performance. In order to make it work better, it must be standardized. Operation, otherwise it will cause failure, such as a ring fire accident is more serious to damage.

    1. Strengthen the DC motor with poor commutation during the production process shutdown and maintenance during the buckwheat and operation maintenance, support the cleaning of the surface, pay attention to cleaning the carbon monoxide in the insulation monks and embedded carbon brush debris And copper glitches.

    2. The bus of the DC motor collector ring should maintain good insulation, and the insulation coating can be recoated to reduce the possibility of arc flying.

    3. Prevent wavy edges and corners when chamfering. Create a good surrounding environment and operating conditions, favorably control the temperature and humidity, properly select the appropriate carbon brush, wear should not be too fast, ensure that the use of more than 2600 hours, and formulate a feasible maintenance plan.

    4. Improve the quality of equipment maintenance, pay attention to the width and depth of the insulating mica undercuts and the neatness of the cut monk to prevent the residual mica and prevent the electric field from concentrating and generating a discharge.

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