How to solve the missing phase of DC speed-regulated motor?

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    1. First, you need to check whether the DC speed-regulating motor is faulty, check whether the power circuit has an open switch, whether there is a fuse, and then check whether there is a current interruption in each phase of the three-phase winding.

    2. In addition, restart the DC speed-regulating motor . If the motor is blocked and cannot start, and it is buzzing at the same time, cut off the power at this time.

    3. If the power cable is disconnected, it is even more difficult to find out. If the following clues are good, the fuse should be replaced with a fuser with the same specification as the starter failure. Carefully check the engine of the DC motor.

    For DC speed-regulated motors, any failure will affect the use effect, let alone a dangerous failure such as "phase loss". If such a failure is found during use, everyone must take the above measures in time to avoid the danger source from expanding .

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