What are the specifications of DC geared motors?

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    DC geared motor is based on ordinary DC motors, coupled with matching gear reducer, which can effectively improve the utilization rate in the automation industry. It can be divided into different series and specifications due to different uses and scopes.

    As a professional manufacturer, our DC geared motor specifications mainly include:

    1. PX series planetary gear reduction motor:

    Wide adjustment range, small size, light weight, high efficiency, compact structure and large output torque.

    2. GK series square box gear DC reduction motor:

    The DC geared motor is processed with perfect technology. It has the characteristics of low noise and smooth operation. The reduction ratio is 3-300. When it is matched with different power motors, it can get the ideal output torque.

    3. NMRV series worm gear motor:

    It is composed of worm gear reducer and various motors (including three-phase AC, single-phase AC, DC servo, permanent magnet DC motor, etc.). Stable operation, low noise, large transmission speed ratio and strong carrying capacity.

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