What are the operating environments of DC geared motors?

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    DC geared motor is a kind of motor with relatively stable product performance and low noise. Because of its advantages, it is widely used in various industries, but the equipment has certain requirements on external conditions at startup. Let's take a look at its use environment. Right.

    1. Do not use DC geared motor in explosive environment, flammable oxygen environment, corrosive environment and water leakage environment.

    2. The installation environment must be dry and well ventilated, and the ambient temperature should be between -5 ° C and 40 ° C. It should be noted when the temperature is abnormally high or low.

    3. After the DC geared motor is installed, use a ground wire to ground it well. The ground wire is located above the junction box.

    4. Do not forcibly bend, pull or pinch the power, cable and motor wires.

    5. The gear reduction motor needs to be installed on a flat and solid base.

    6. Installation, connection, inspection, etc. must be performed by a technician.

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