Explanation of methods to solve oil leakage of DC geared motor

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    After using the DC geared motor for a period of time, some oil leakage will inevitably occur, and there is no doubt that the occurrence of oil leakage has a great impact on the work of a real DC geared motor, which not only affects our normal use And it will also reduce its service life, so we need to deal with oil spills in time to minimize our losses. So what are the specific methods?

    We can use some relatively tight materials to improve different fastening methods and improve different oil leakage prevention measures to eliminate the oil leakage of DC geared motors, but the premise must not affect its normal operation and not damage it. Stiffness and strength.

    We can also reduce the pressure of the entire system by adjusting the oil pressure of the DC gear motor lubrication system, adjust the sliding bearings of the DC gear motor, and reduce the gap between the bearing and the journal in this way, which can greatly reduce leakage. The condition of the oil.

    Of course, replacement is also a very good method, mainly for direct sealing when some seals are worn and damaged and cannot be repaired.

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